Almaidah - Multi sensory Culinary Experience
Almaidah - Multi sensory Culinary Experience

Date : Thursday, 23 November 2023 - Saturday, 02 December 2023
Opening Hours :
08:00 pm to 12:00 am
City : Riyadh
Location : Saudi Feast Food Festival
Price including VAT : SR 750.00
Description :

An area designed for food epicures and lovers, The experience begins with a reception in the Botanical Apothecary where carefully crafted mashrubat (drinks) using historical and heritage recipes have been developed offering the opportunity to learn about the ancient properties culturally associated with different plants and spices (the narrative is based on historical references and the drinks do not offer any health claims).

The guest then continues their journey into the Sensory Gallery, which provides the opportunity to explore the culinary art of Saudi Arabia using the five senses, whether it’s exploring the texture of dates, scents of local ingredients, or listening to the sounds of local culinary preparations. This gallery will allow for a multi-sensory experience of the Kingdom's culinary gems. 

The Al Maidah Dining Room, the final grand stop, is the first of its kind immersive multisensory Saudi Arabian themed dining experience. It is here that our talented team of Saudi Arabian chefs have come together under the leadership of international chef Jozef Youssef, founder of Kitchen Theory, to develop a multisensory menu that celebrates the Kingdom’s culinary heritage, ingredients, culture, and future foods. 

The guests will sit around one table to enjoy the experience of sharing food in an immersive setting.  

Foot Note:
The menu is a 6 course set  menu. The courses/dishes cannot be changed and they contain seafood, meat, eggs, wheat and nuts. It is not suitable for vegetarians, vegans,  and guests  with food allergies

-The ticket includes VIP entry and entry to all areas of the festival, except for areas that require entry with a tic

Price including VAT

Entry Ticket :
SR 750.00


Terms & Conditions

-Not suitable for people with special needs

- includes entry to all areas that do not include a special ticket 

-The festival includes aromas for eating and cooking Visitors suffering from epilepsy and sensitivity to sound and light are advised not to enter By booking this ticket, you confirm your acceptance of all terms and conditions, and acceptance of your compliance with the laws of the organizer before and during the event: 

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- Attendance must be at 8pm sharp, and the organizer has the right to refuse entry to persons who are late without any compensation or refund of the ticket price. 

- Commitment to appropriate dress and observance of the regulations for preserving public taste. Dangerous and prohibited materials will be confiscated, and any materials that the organizer or the security apparatus at the event venue deems dangerous or that may be used to damage the venue or spoil the event.

 - The ticket holder, in his capacity as the venue attendee, consents to photographs, video clips and recorded audio clips that may be posted on the Internet. 

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