VOV Special offers April
VOV Special offers April

Date :

From 1 April  To 30 April  

Opening Hours :
04:00 pm to 12:00 am
City : Riyadh
Location : Roshen Front - VOV Gaming
Price including VAT : From: SR 0.00
Description :

VOV Gaming is enabling gamers, developers and dreamers of all genders, to explore endless possibilities and fulfil their potential. Our ambition is to create experiential gaming venues to build the community that becomes the home for gamers to compete, learn and socialize. 


We have exciting offers in February to bring the gamers together and enjoy their time at our flagship venue located at RoshnFront Mall. 


On Monday we have a Free Play Day where all players can meet up and play for free. Tuesday is a special day for us, as the price per hour is only 15 riyals. For weekends (Thursday and Saturday), players can double their time purchases for free, or bring a friend and both can get equal playtime while only one pays. Book your tickets now. 

Price including VAT

Monday - Free to play :
SR 0.00
Sunday – Wednesday 3 Hour Gamers Pass :
SR 70.00
Sunday – Wednesday Day Pass :
SR 140.00
Sunday –Wednesday 1 Hour Gamers Pass :
SR 35.00
Tuesday - Special Offer - One Hour :
SR 15.00
Weekend Offer - Thursday - Saturday - Double your time for free - 2-hour players' entry ticket :
SR 35.00
Weekend Offer - Thursday - Saturday - Double your time for free - 6 Hours Entrance Ticket for 2 Players :
SR 70.00


* Limited pass doesn't include VOV tournaments.

* Depends on venue capacity.   

* Day pass allows the holder to access the venue during the day from opening till closing time. 

* The holder of this ticket abides by these terms and conditions when issuing, using, or attempting to use the ticket.

* Tickets are non-cancellable, refundable, or switched.

* In purchasing this ticket, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions and adhere to any other responsible terms and conditions or restrictions provided by the organizer before or during the event.

* In the event of a cancellation, postponement, or change of the date of the event:

- The ticket value will be refunded as a balance in the electronic wallet with the service provider.

- The customer has the right to use the credit to purchase a new ticket for the same event or any other event provided by the service provider.

* The ticket holder is solely responsible for checking the date, time, location, and the age restriction of the event. Early arrival is recommended, and the organizer shall have the right to refuse any late entries and the ticket holder shall not have the right to claim for the reimbursement of the ticket price or any compensation whatsoever.

* All tickets holders and their belongings may be subject to search when entering the venue. Prohibited and dangerous items will be confiscated. Any item which the organizer or venue security personnel consider as security risk or that may be used to damage the venue or interfere with the event will be confiscated.

* All prices include VAT.

* The ticket holder consents to photographs, video, sound recordings of ticket holder be captured and used in printed and electronics media, including the internet as an attendee at the venue.

* Reselling the ticket is strictly prohibited.

* The organizer has the right to remove whoever commits an act that, in the opinion of the organizer, is considered to be contrary.