Date : Thursday, 18 January 2024 - Saturday, 20 January 2024
Opening Hours :
04:00 pm to 01:00 am
City : Jeddah
Location : jeddah superdome.
Price including VAT : From: SR 30.00
Description :

The second and unique event in the world
Sports, health and fitness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Which seeks to reinforce the importance of following a healthy lifestyle full of activity and vitality
The exhibition is the ideal destination for professionals interested in this field and for all people interested in fitness in general.
The ticket will also include raffles and prizes inside the expo.
In addition to holding sporting events and activities on a stage equipped for live performances

Price including VAT

One Day :
SR 30.00
Three Days :
SR 50.00


Terms & Conditions

The ticket holder agrees to these terms and conditions when booking, using or attempting to use a ticket:

  • Tickets are non-cancelable, refundable, or exchangeable.
  •  All prices include value added tax.
  •  Resale of the ticket is strictly prohibited.
  •  The ticket holder is responsible for verifying the date, time and location of the event to attend, and must arrive early at the event site. The organizing authority has the right to refuse entry to persons who are late, and in this case the ticket holder will not be permitted to demand a refund of the ticket price or request compensation of any kind.
  • The ticket holder, as an attendee of the venue, consents to photographs, video clips, and recorded audio clips that may be posted on the Internet.
  •  The organizer does not bear responsibility for bodily injury, illness, death of any visitor (including the ticket holder), or loss or damage of belongings due to reasons arising from or in connection with the event.
  • The organizing body has the right to expel anyone who behaves in violation of the opinion of the organizing body.
  • By booking this ticket, you agree to all terms and conditions, and to comply with the organizer's terms and conditions before or during the event.
  • f the postponement is cancelled, or the date of the event is changed by the organizer, the ticket value will be refunded.
  •  Ticket holders and their personal belongings may be searched upon entering the event site. Dangerous and prohibited materials will be confiscated, as will any material that the organizer or the security apparatus at the event headquarters deems to be dangerous or that could be used to harm the venue or spoil the event will be confiscated.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the event site.