3otl Fanni
3otl Fanni

Date : Wednesday, 08 January 2020 - Friday, 17 January 2020
Time : 09:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Venue : Bakr Al-Sheddi Theater
Prices : SR 150 - SR 1,500
Event Description :

For the very first time on stage and for their first collaboration together: Akram Hosny - Chico - Hesham Maged Starring: Ayten Amer - Nashwa Mostafa - Ismail Farghali - Otaka Playwright and Lyrics: Amir Teama Directed by: Otaka In a musical comedy play “3otl Fanni” or “Technical Failure” The events revolve around three young men, each with a life-daunting dilemma. They meet a mastermind inventor who claims to grant their wishes by using one of his bizarre inventions. Unluckily for them, a technical malfunction unexpectedly leads them to three fanatasy-like dimensions and many comic paradoxes occur.

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VVIP : SR 1,500
VIP : SR 650
B101 : SR 200
B102 : SR 350
B201 : SR 150
B202 : SR 250
B301 : SR 200
B302 : SR 150


Terms & Conditions

- Doors open from 8:00 PM
- The minimum age of watching is 8 +
- In case you forget one of your personal stuff, Please check the Lost and Found section of the current area.
- There is no exchange or refund for the ticket price.
-Drinks and food are not allowed
- The ticket include the entry of Boulevard