Altheeb Fe Algleeb
Altheeb Fe Algleeb

Date : Thursday, 02 January 2020 - Saturday, 18 January 2020
Time : 08:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Venue : Red Venue Princess Nourah
Prices : SR 100 - SR 400
Event Description :

After a 30-year hiatus, Nasser Al-Qasabi, the Saudi Comedy Icon, is finally back. Written by Khalaf al-Harbi and produced by Rashed Al-Hamli, the play focuses on the drastic social changes that the Kingdom has witnessed in the past few years and how this has changed the culture of the local families. This is portrayed through a story of an accountant who has been accused of theft and his battle to prove the innocence of himself and his family. Participating in the tournament are the following: Habib Al-Habib, Abdul-Ellah Al-Sanani, Reemas Mansour, Abdul-Majeed Al-Ruhaidi, Muhsin Al-Shammari, Ali Al-Humaidi and Rashid Al-Shammrani.

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Royal : SR 400
Diamond : SR 250
Gold : SR 150
Silver : SR 100


Terms & Conditions

- The minimum age of watching is 8 +
- In case you forget one of your personal stuff, Please check the Lost and Found section of the current area.
- There is no exchange or refund for the ticket price.
-Drinks and food are not allowed