Riyadh Comedy Night 10 Dec
Riyadh Comedy Night 10 Dec

Date : Tuesday, 10 December 2019
Time : 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Venue : Bakr Al-Sheddi Theater
Prices : SR 125 - SR 250
Event Description :

We will make the world laugh and we will be the world's center of attention
A new concept of Comedy includes several art forms Hosted by the one and only Ibrahim Al-Khairallah. From Egypt, we are bringing the shining funny star Shimaa Seif. From Al-Kuwait non-other than the one who will make you cry from laughing Bashar Jazzaf and the Surprise of the show watch your feet because AL-TEMSA7 is coming to Riyadh Season!! The show will also feature Ibrahim Al-Hajaj, Talal Al-Shaikhi, Mohammed Al-Qarawi, Mohammed Al-Dokhi, Abdulrahman Al-Shaikhi, Shaker Al-Shareef, Moayd Al-Nufaiee, Mohammed Al-Sultan, Abdulrahman Somali, Tawab Adli, Redwan Remi, Majed Al-Amoudi, Abduljaleel Shaker and Mohammed Elfrra.

Warning* We are not responsible for any of the side effects of laughing such as stomach and cheek aches

Stand-up Comedians: Abdulrahman Al-Shaikhi Mohammed Al-Sultan, Bashar Jazzaf

Guest of Temsa7: Moayd Al-Nufaiee

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VVIP : SR 250
VIP : SR 250
B101 : SR 125
B102 : SR 125
B201 : SR 125
B202 : SR 125
B301 : SR 125
B302 : SR 125


Terms & Conditions

- The minimum age of watching is 13 +
- In case you forget one of your personal stuff, Please check the Lost and Found section of the current area.
- There is no exchange or refund for the ticket price.
- The ticket include the entry of Boulevard
- NO shooting allowed during the show