Doos karting Boulevard
Doos karting Boulevard

City : Riyadh
Location : doos karting boulevard
Description :

Doos Karting, Experience the addictive fun with KSA's first ever Electric go karting.

 Single race (From 5 to 7 Laps) Deal includes the below safety equipment:

  • - Helmet
  • - Neck protection
  • - Chest protection
  • 435 m track1/ 465m track 2
  • Multi-level spiral ramps
  • Valid for adults aged 15 years and above
  • Valid for children from 8 years old to 14 years old, with a height of 125 cm and above

Tickets Includes Boulevard Entry


Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:
● purchasing packages from the branch or online, the packages are nonrefundable or
● When purchasing packages, there is a fee of 5 points for the card that will be deducted from the
playing card points.
● Make sure to specify the appropriate age for the activity and the general conditions for the games.
In Case there was any mistake in the booking, they are not exchangeable or refundable. There is a
fee of 45 riyals for changing booking on week days , and 90 riyals for the weekend (Thu ,Fri, Sat)
● In case of no show at booking time , it will be lost and the package will expire without any
● Packages are sold to dedicated people cannot be transferred to another person, without signing
the waiver on each visit.
● I am aware of the risks that may afflict me as a result of playing “Osool Entertainment”.
● By virtue of this waiver and acknowledgment I waive any claims or actions against any related
● This waiver includes the entire agreement between me and any related party which can be
modified or changed in any way either by any related party or by me. that I have been given the
opportunity to check the activities, games and gameplay 'before signing the waiver And the
acknowledgment and it was satisfactory to me that the employees of “Osool Entertainment ”
explained its dangers, how to use it and how to play it.
● I am an adult and have the eligible to sign the waiver and acknowledgment, and I bear full
responsibility of signing without the Acceptance of the parent/legal guardian.
● I Acknowledge that my signature below means My acceptance and compliance with all terms and
conditions contained in this waiver.
● If the participant is underage: I am the parent/legal guardian. I have read and agree to the
foregoing waiver and its terms and conditions. I sign below on behalf of the participant.
● It is forbidden to enter our branches with improper clothing or those bearing phrases or images
contrary to public taste; it is also prohibited to: wearing the Saudi dress and nightgown or wide robes
and abaya and any loose clothing, wearing sandals, bringing food / drinks or using electronic
devices, sharp accessories , and must put it in the Lockers before entering the activities at " Osool
● It is forbidden to take pictures for people directly without their permission.
● Participants must wear the wristband throughout the playing time and keep the card.
● It’s not allowed to enter the mobile phone or any other devices with camera inside the playing
● The Participants acknowledges that he has been defined by the allows heights, weights, and
mental and physical ability (he does not have a mental disability or mental shortness, or suffers from
autism or autism spectrum, or heart disease, or back and knee injuries, and fractures in general) for
fit to engage in activities in the playing areas and loses the right to object to the play access policy
allowed to enter.
● he acknowledges that he must purchase special socks from the branch and is not allowed to enter
the playing areas if he isn’t wearing them.
● "Osool Entertainment " management is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any of the
participants' items.
● "Osool Entertainment" is not responsible for the loss of personal items within the branches.
● “Osool Entertainment” prevent pregnant women from participating in activities.
● “Osool Entertainment” respects and welcomes all segments of society, and the participant or his
guardian is obliged to be of his full mental and physical ability to engage in activities.
● The participants must abide by the instructions of the employees, and in case of non-compliance,
the participant is prevented from continuing to play, without any compensation.
● All branch visitors are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the management, which
reserves the right to refuse any visitor for the purposes of security and public safety.
● "Osool Entertainment" reserves the right to change working hours and prices at any time without
prior notice.
● the branch management at “Osool Entertainment ”have the right to take the necessary action in
case of inappropriate behavior and non-compliance with the public taste regulations by excluding the
participant and not compensating them, and placing him on blacklist (those who are prohibited from
entering all branches).
● "Osool Entertainment" does not bear any responsibility for accidents that may occur due to

Customer service number : 0112300150