SEVEN Concourse
SEVEN Concourse

Date : Thursday, 21 November 2019 - Tuesday, 26 November 2019
Time : 02:00 PM - 02:00 AM
Venue : Car Zone Janadriyah
Prices : SR 200 - SR 980
Event Description :

Seven Concourse (General)

A luxury car exhibition showcasing some of the rarest cars that exist from the past, present, and future.
If you have a real eye for the most luxurious of cars, this exhibition is for you.


  • Access to Classic Cars
  • Urth Café & Plaza – first come first serve
  • Nozomi – first come first serve
  • Dealership Zone

Seven Concourse (VIP)

A VIP experience of the Luxury Car Exhibition where you gain exclusive access to see the rarest cars, and a special lounge dedicated only to VIP pass holders to enjoy a break and have some finger foods and refreshments which are available all day. VIP ticket holders will also have VIP Parking access.


  • Hoonigans Show
  • Access to North & South Exhibition Center
    • 400+ Unique and classic tuned cars
    • 250 US Exhibitors
    • West coast Customs live tuning show
  • Access to F&B Area 
  • Access to all main track shows
    • Terry Grant Shows (Guinness World Record)
    • Ferrari Shows
    • Saudi Drift Championship

human Cannonball (Guinness World Record)

Access to SEVEN: 

  • Access to Classic Cars
  • Urth Café – first come first serve
  • Nozomi – first come first serve
  • Dealership Zone
  • VIP Lounge with Terrace view
  • Auction viewing (Silver Stone Auction)

1 free advance simulation ride. 

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General include Entry Ticket : SR 300
General without Entry Ticket : SR 200
VIP : SR 980


Terms & Conditions

- Free entry till 8 years old
- In case you forget one of your personal stuff, Please check the Lost and Found section of the current area.
- There is no exchange or refund for the ticket price.
- Some categories include the entry of Riyadh Car Show Entrance