Anime Village
Anime Village

Date : Thursday, 19 May 2022 - Saturday, 02 July 2022
Opening Hours :
06:00 PM to 02:00 AM
City : Jeddah
Location : Anime Village Concert - City Walk
Price including VAT : From: SR 75
Description :

Price including VAT

Regular Ticket : SR 150
Vip ticket : SR 200
Vip ticket : SR 150
Weekday entry ticket : SR 75


Terms & Conditions

The holder of this ticket shall be bound by these terms and conditions when the ticket is issued, used or attempted to be used.

Tickets are non-cancellable, refundable or exchangeable

To purchase this ticket, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions and to comply with other terms and conditions and restrictions of the organizer before or during the event.

Children under 6 years old for free

In the event that the event has been canceled, postponed or changed by the organizer:

The ticket value is returned as a balance in the customer's electronic wallet with the service provider.

The customer has the right to use the credit to purchase a new ticket for the same event or any other event provided by the service provider.

Credits must be redeemed only during the season.

Adhere to the terms of wearing fancy dress in accordance with public morals

The ticket holder is responsible for verifying the date, time, place and age of the event. Ticket holders must arrive early to the event site, and the organizer has the right to refuse entry to late people, in which case the ticket holder will not be entitled to claim a refund of the ticket price or seek compensation from Any kind.

Ticket holders and their personal belongings may be searched upon entering the Event Venue, dangerous and prohibited items will be confiscated, and any item deemed dangerous by the Organizer or the security apparatus on the premises of the Event will be confiscated or that could be used to cause damage to the venue or disrupt the Event.

Acknowledgment and commitment to the regulation of preserving public taste (to view the regulation, click here)

All prices include value added tax.

Professional photography and video cameras are prohibited from entering the premises.

The ticket holder, in his capacity as attendee of the venue, consents to the photographs, video clips and audio clips that may be posted on the Internet.

Reselling the ticket is strictly prohibited.

The organizing authority has the right to remove whoever commits an act that, in the opinion of the organizer, is considered to be contrary.