BLVD Skate Park
BLVD Skate Park

Date : Friday, 29 April 2022 - Saturday, 06 May 2023
Opening Hours :
05:00 PM to 02:00 AM
City : Riyadh
Location : BLVD Skate Park
Price including VAT : From: SR 60
Description :

The BLVD Skate Park is the first Street Sports & Culture destination in the Saudi Skate Parks family, based in the Sports Zone of Riyadh Boulevard it is a place to come and learn how to Skateboard, Scooter, BMX and In-Line Skate with a group of athletes and instructors from around the world. The park has been designed with training at its core and we welcome all ages and abilities to join us; throughout the day we have a variety of sessions which you can book for lessons, coaching and an open jam session for the riders and skaters that already know their style and want to experience the first concrete skate park in the Kingdom.

Price including VAT

Skate Park Access - 1 Hour : SR 60
Skate Park Beginner - 1 Hour : SR 80
Skate Park Beginner - 2 Hours : SR 140


Terms & Conditions

1. Precautionary Restrictions may apply to Experiences and Activities; please check with staff at the ticket counter.
2. Appropriate Clothing & Footwear are required.
3. Skate Park has the right to change or amend any product without prior notice.
4. The PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) packs are systematically given to Beginners guests, and the activity cannot be performed without using this safety equipment. Guests are allowed to use their personal safety equipment.
5. Guests are responsible For the strict application of the rules during activities explained during the safety briefing.
6. Participants must be in an adequate physical and mental con ion to perform any activity; Boulevard Skate Park reserves the right to deny access to the Park or to interrupt performing activities in the case of any person not meeting the minimum safety requirements (ex: being obviously under the effect of Drug/alcohol, failure to observe the safety rules, or endangering other participants safety, etc.)
7. For all Participants, it is compulsory to wear the safety equipment provided throughout the performance of the activity. And accept without restriction the conditions and participation and safety.
8. Keep the safety equipment (harness, carabiners, etc.) always well fastened.
9. Anyone with long hair must keep it tied up.
10. Do not carry coins, mobile phones, or any other metal object in pockets if the pocket cannot be completely closed.
11. Boulevard Skate Park cannot be held liable for any incidents arising from the practice of the activity if the above-listed conditions of participation are accepted under false pretenses if the safety rules are not observed or in the case of panic of one or more participants.
12. Boulevard Skate Park wristband /cards, once sold, are non- refundable.
13. Skate Park wristband/ card is For single person use only cannot be transferable.
14. Boulevard Skate Park is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen wrist band /cards.
15. Boulevard Skate Park wristband /card cannot be extended beyond the validity period.
16. Unused wristband /card cannot be redeemed For cash, credit or otherwise.