Lubna Theater
Lubna Theater

Date : Thursday, 05 May 2022 - Wednesday, 11 May 2022
Opening Hours :
09:30 PM to 10:30 PM
City : Medina
Location : The Cultural Center
Price including VAT : From: SR 20
Description :

In this play, we are taken by Lubna’s imagination in a journey to a bleak world of, black-and-white village. A painting she saw in her father’s art studio. The story begins when the escaping colors reveal themselves to Lubna, asking her to accompany them to the village, where the evil wasp has taken upon himself to eliminate all the colors, and to tarnish everything with black once and for all. Lubna rises to the occasion and rushes to their aid, but she is stunned by the villagers’ complete surrender and submission to the dishonorable wasp! Things turn around when she stumbles across her grandfather, the packman, who helps carry out her plans to save the village. Yet, she is faced with a new dilemma when the evil wasp captures her along with her friends, the colors, and throws them in prison. Puzzled, she summons her father to the village by painting a magical window connecting reality with fantasy. ultimately, Lubna, the colors and the villagers defeat the evil wasp, returning the joy of colorful life to the village.

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Price including VAT

A : SR 40
B : SR 30
C : SR 20


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