التاريخ : الخميس, 16 مايو 2024 - الجمعة, 28 يونيو 2024
المدينة : جدة
المكان : المبنى الخاص في نادي جدة لليخوت
السعر شامل الضريبة : 1,400.00 ريال
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A 16 hour course which is an introduction to navigation seamanship and safety, for anyone interested in sailing, motor boating and venturing out to sea.

This RYA course is a theory course taught in the Academy Classroom and is a basic introduction to navigation, seamanship and safety and falls below DaySkipper Theory within the RYA training scheme. It is ideal for users of small boats such as RIBs and dayboats such as those used by anglers. It’s also a great course for those who are currently crewing on yachts and want to learn a little more before eventually progressing to the full Day Skipper courses.

The RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course aims to introduce the basic concepts of inshore navigation and safety in an easy to understand and enjoyable format. During the course you will be introduced to the basics of navigation including tidal awareness, charts, almanacs and the use of electronic navigation aids such as GPS. You will be taught about harbour entry and departure pilotage including knowledge of buoyage and a basic understanding of the Collision Regulations so you know who has right of way! Time will also be spent looking at sources of weather information and what impact this could have on your passage.

We provide you with charts, Plotters, dividers and all the RYA learning material for the course. All you will require to bring is a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener and notebook.

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28 & 29 June :
1,400.00 ريال


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