التاريخ : الجمعة, 01 مارس 2024 - الجمعة, 06 ديسمبر 2024
الوقت :



المدينة : جدة
المكان : المبنى الخاص في نادي جدة لليخوت
السعر شامل الضريبة : تبدأ من 650.00 ريال
الوصف :

Enjoy the best one-design keelboat racing the Red Sea has to offer, onboard our identical fleet of FarEast 28 Keelboats.
From March – May and October – December 2024.
JYC Academy events offers 8 competitive weekends of thrilling round-the-can racing.
Each event will test you and your crews' skills on the racecourse. Join this highly competitive fleet of Far East 28s  for one or more weekend series.The top 2 teams from each series will automatically qualify for the JYC Academy Racing Series Final taking place on the 13th & 14th December 2024. 6 x boats are availble per weekend series.

A weekend of racing Friday 2pm - 5.30 pm & Saturday 9am – 5.30pm

Entry fees
3500  SAR per boat per weekend series.
or for single persons wanting to participate 650 SAR per weekend. You will be allocated a place on a JYC boat.

Skipper: Skippers must be at least RYA level 3 standard or equivalent and are responsible for the vessel. Teans may nominate up to 3 skippers for the 2024 overall series points and crew onboard can be interchangeable.  

Crew: A minimum of one skipper and 3 crew must always be onboard and a max of 8 persons.  

Charter Agreements, Disclaimers, NOR and Sailing instructions shall be sent to ticket holders in advance.

الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

15th & 16th November(Single Person) :
650.00 ريال
1st & 2nd November(Single Person) :
650.00 ريال
24th & 25th May(single Person) :
650.00 ريال
26th & 27th April(Single Person) :
650.00 ريال
4th & 5th October(Single Person) :
650.00 ريال
26th & 27th April :
3,500.00 ريال
24th & 25th May :
3,500.00 ريال
4th & 5th October :
3,500.00 ريال
1st & 2nd November :
3,500.00 ريال
15th & 16th November :
3,500.00 ريال


1. In purchasing this ticket, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions and adhere to any other responsible terms and conditions or restrictions provided by the organizer before or during the event:
2. Tickets prices are non-refundable.
3. Each student attending the event must complete the student information form which will be emailed at the time of booking.
4. Should a student miss any lessons during the programme they cannot be re-arranged.
5. Students tuning up late may not be allowed to join the class if the onwater session has already started.
6. In case of event cancellation, postponing or changing the date by the event organizer:
7. The ticket price will be refunded to the provider e-wallet
8. The ticket holder is solely responsible for checking the date, time, location, and the age restriction of the event. Early arrival is recommended, and the organizer shall have the right to refuse any late entries and the ticket holder shall not have the right to claim for the reimbursement of the ticket price or any compensation whatsoever.
9. The ticket holder consents to photographs, video, sound recordings of ticket holder be captured and used in printed and electronics media, including the internet as an attendee at the venue.
10. The organizer accepts no liability for bodily injury, illness, or death of any visitor (including ticket holder) and / or loss of or damage to personal effects arising out of or in connection with the event.
11. Reselling the ticket is strictly prohibited.
12. The organizer has the right to remove whoever commits an act that, in the opinion of the organizer.